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File 108- Hunting property south of Larder lake, Ontario   $30,000.00 CDN
The seller is willing to finance a sale of this property.
For example, based on a selling price of $30,000 Canadian, if you had a 30% down payment ($9,000.00) the seller will hold a mortgage of 8% on the following terms;
On a 3 year term and a 3 year amortization you payment would be $656.30 per month.
On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization you payment would be $424.50 per month.
On a 7 year term and a 7 year amortization you payment would be $325.75 per month.
On a 10 year term and a 10 year amortization you payment would be $253.35 per month.
The mortgage would be AN OPEN MORTGAGE allowing you to prepay the mortgage off faster than the term period with NO PENALTY.

39.41 Acres in Hearst Township

You can drive to the property in the non - winter months.

That’s right, you can drive to this property in a pick up in the spring summer and fall.
In winter you can snowmobile to the property if you want.

This is a patented Mining Claim where you own the surface rights and the rights to enjoy and build on the surface, hunt on the surface, fish, trap, snowmobile, ATV, do everything you basically want except dig for minerals.

All the trees are reserved to the Crown but you can use the deadwood for firewood or you can get a permit from the Crown to cut trees.

Benson Creek runs through the property and the creek averages about 20 feet wide and anywhere from 2 to 5 feet deep (deeper in some spots).

In fact there is over 1,700 feet of Benson Creek that meanders through the property.

I know people who like to canoe up and down that creek and they tell me that they have even caught many fish in the creek.

Benson Creek originates from Benson Lake which is to the south of the property.
Benson Creek flows through the property and continue east and empties into the south end of Larger Lake.
Larder Lake is about 1.9 kilometers east of the property as the crow flies.

The property is well treed with a good mix of poplar trees, spruce trees and balsam trees.
There are the few odd birch trees around.

Hearst Township is an ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP that lies within the municipal boundary of the Town of Larder Lake.

You can buy all your supplies in the Town of Larder Lake which is about 5 kilometers north of the property.

Access to the property is very good as you leave the Town of Larder Lake and drive south on Highway 624 for about 5 kilometers. Highway 624 is an all season two lane highway.
Then turn right onto the dirt road and after driving for 1.5 kilometers (almost 1 mile) you are at the property.

The dirt road continues through the property to access other properties past this one.

A review of the Larder Lake Official Plan show that the portion of Benson Creek that flows through this property has a SA symbol which signifies it as a FISH SPAWNING AREA.
How cool is that?

A further review of the zoning maps shows that the subject property is zoned as a “NATURAL RESOURCE ZONE”(NR).
Permitted Uses under this zoning include the following;
• Agricultural Use
• Camp
• Conservation Use
• Forestry
• Accessory uses, buildings and structures to the foregoing permitted uses
Ideally you would build a “CAMP” so you have a place to use while hunting or fishing.
The Townships definition of a camp is as follows;
“Camp (Hunt Camp, Fishing Camp) Means a building or structure intended to provide basic shelter and accommodation on a short-term basis for persons engaged in such activities as hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking or other similar forms of recreation and to which no public services are provided (hydro, water, sewage, garbage collection, or road maintenance).”

So buy this property, build your hunt camp and go hunting and fishing whenever the seasons are open.


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