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File 41- Middle of hunting heaven 40 acres   $28,000.00 CDN

Close to town yet far enough away that you feel you are in the middle of nowhere.

A 40 acre property that you can drive to in a truck in the non-winter months
Itís not a big property but itís big enough to do your moose hunting or black bear hunting on.
The added bonus of having frontage on a small lake!

A unique hunting property located northeast of Timmins in Northwestern Ontario.

More specifically, the property is located in the Township of Tisdale.
Tisdale Township is within the boundary of the City of Timmins thus it is an ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

The mature trees were harvested back in 1999, some 18 years ago and the new growth is coming up very nicely.
The new growth is mainly spruce trees with some poplar trees.

Terrain is a mix of some higher ground and low ground throughout the property.
The northwest portion of the property is higher terrain and is a good area to build your hunt cabin on.
The northwest corner of the property is also higher ground.

When driving along the gravel road you will see that portions of the property on the north side of the road is low and wet.
The south side of the road is low and wet in places but there are a couple of decent building spots on the south side of the road and east of the lake where you could build a small cabin.

TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY as the owner paid for a tree release form the Crown so now all the trees come with the property.
Mining rights are reserved to the Crown.

A portion of Bell Lake is within the property boundary.
Bell Lake is a small lake of about 20 acres in size.
There is about 970 feet of frontage on the northern portion of Bell Lake.
We donít know how deep the lake is but some of the locals have told us that there Pike in the lake.
If there are then that is a bonus.

A gravel road goes through the property.
Road traversable in the non-winter months.
The gravel road goes from Florence Street (Porcupine) all the way to Hwy 65
From Florence Street it is 2.7 kilometers to the property and from the property it is 5.9 kilometers to Highway 655.

The seller will finance a sale for a buyer who has at least a $10,000 down payment.
Based on a purchase price of $28,000 CDN and a $10,000 CDN down payment the seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE in the amount of $18,000 CDN at 8% interest on your choice of the following terms.
On a 3 year term and a 3 year amortization the payment would be $562.97 per month.
On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization the payment would be $363.85 per month.
On a 7 year term and a 7 year amortization the payment would be $279.39 per month.
On a 10 year term and a10 year amortization the payment would be $217.15 per month.

Since the property is in an ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP you are limited to building a HUNT CABIN no larger than 500 square feet.
Thatís a good sized hunt cabin.

For the hunters.
We have said that this is a good moose hunting and black bear area.
The small game hunting for grouse or partridge as we call them and for rabbit is also very good.
The small lake attracts the waterfowl so if you are into duck or goose hunting then you will like this property.

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