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File 116- Beautiful Cottage on Michipicoten Island   $235,000.00 US


A beautiful cabin on a magnificent island in the world’s largest freshwater lake.
The lake is Lake Superior.
The island is Michipicoten Island.
Both within the Province of Ontario, Canada.

This island is known as the “wild heart” of Lake Superior.

The island is classified as a natural environment park.
The park is some 36,740 hectares ( 90,786 acres) in size.
The following properties are excluded from the park:
• seven (7) cottage lots, one (1) commercial fishing camp, and Department of Transport properties in Quebec Harbour;
• four (4) lighthouse reservations with Transport Canada;
• one (1) mining lease:
• three (3) separate groups of mining claims; and,
• one (I) land use pernit for a commercial outpost camp.

Michipicoten Island is located in the remote part of Lake Superior.

Except for limited and mostly forgotten encroachments by man the island is much as it has been for thousands of years.

Michipicoten Island is in the northeastern part of Lake Superior, about 175 kilometres (109 mi) northwest of Sault Ste. Marie and 65 kilometres (40 mi) southwest of Wawa, Ontario.

The third largest island in Lake Superior, Michipicoten Island is 27 kilometres (17 mi) long and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) wide at its widest point.
There are no year round human residents on the island and there are plentiful wildlife (notably beaver, woodland caribou, and birds),
Beaver are everywhere.
The largest known predator is the red fox.
Coyote, wolves, and bears are conspicuously absent on the island.
In 1982 the WOODLAND CARIBOU were re-introduced to the island and are now plentiful.

The island has become a destination for some adventurous kayakers and deep water sailors.

Sailors often refer to the accommodating Quebec Harbour on Michipicoten Island.

There is a beautiful natural harbour on the south side of the island that is called Quebec Harbour.

Some extremely lucky people have cottages in Quebec Harbour.

THE COTTAGE we are offering for sale is one of the seven privately owned cottages and one of the first cottages to be placed on the market in a long, long time.

Located in Quebec Harbor on Michipicoten Island, the property s 2.11 acres in size.
Comprised of 4 buildings, the main cabin, a guest cabin, fuel storage building and workshop with solar storage area.

20’ x 24’, it has 12 volt lighting, 110 volt lighting run from an inverter when needed, microwave runs from a remote controlled generator, which charges the battery banks when it is running. A Built in marine radio with remote microphone and a radio telephone all running on 12 volt
Small propane freezer, propane fridge/freezer and a propane cookstove .
Hot and cold running water provided by a 110 volt piston pump which is run from an inverter fills a pressure tank.
All kitchen equipment: pots and pans, cutlery, plates, cups etc., and all bed linens, bed covers, towels etc., are included.
Some personal platters and antiques not included.

16’x17’, This was the original cabin on the property, and has been completely redone, a new metal roof was put on in 2015. The original floor was sanded and refinished with 8 coats of clear poly, and the walls have been sealed, there is 12 volt lighting and receptacles for 110 volt generator power.
The original woodburning cookstove is still there along with a propane gas stove and a fridge /freezer.
The pitcher pump has been left in this cabin for the water supply.
There are two sets of bunks along with sleeping bags pillows and bed linens, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery make this cabin completely self- contained.
There is a screened in porch and a closed in composting toilet for the ladies.

The fuel shed is a 10’x12’ building with an added extension on the back side which houses the on-demand propane heater for the shower and bathtub.
All the propane and gasoline stored in the shed is included in the sale, and at the present time there is approximately 700 lbs of propane and 80 U.S. gallons of gas

WORKSHOP - 10’x20’
There is a full workshop with a workbench and heavy duty vise, table saw and a multitude of hand tools, 2 Stihl chainsaws and a Stihl weed whip/brush cutter. All tools are included.
The solar system runs on 6 solar panels and there are 40 1.5 volts Ni-Cad batteries, all input is controlled by a 35 amp solar controller and there is also a spare controller as backup.
There is a 12 volt 400 watt wind turbine to augment the solar panels. There is a backup turbine and a third one for parts.
A 2800 watt 4 stroke generator provides backup power. This feeds into a commercial battery charger which in turn also charges the battery bank any tine it is raining.
A 3500 watt inverter provides 110 volt power when needed. There is a 1000watt backup inverter and a 3500 watt backup generator.
In the workshop there is a full size chest freezer which runs on 12 volt solar power and automatically switches to 110 volt when the generator is running.

There is a 16’ Naden fishing boat and a 14’ Tilbury steel boat.
Outboard motors are a 20HP 4 Stroke Yamaha
30HP 2 Stroke Johnson
10HP 2 Stroke Johnson
All are in excellent working condition. Included are boat cushions, oars, fish finders, gps, batteries, seats etc.
Rods, lures, nets and all relevant fishing gear is included.
The dock was built in 2005 and is a crib dock 135 feet long.
The water depth at the end is approx. 7’ depending on the time of year and you can catch fish from the dock.

A family would only need to bring clothes and food for an incredible vacation year in and year out.

Imagine your family beachcombing, exploring the island, observing the local wildlife, fishing, sailing, kayaking, resting and just plain relaxing here.

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guest cabin
guest cabin
guest cabin
guest cabin
guest cabin
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guest cabin
guest cabin
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guest cabin
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Fuel shed
Fuel shed
fuel shed
fuel shed
fuel shed
fuel shed
work shop
work shop

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