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Information for Visitors to Canada

Crossing the Border
You may enter Northern Ontario at either the Fort Frances/International Falls border or the Rainy River! Baudette border and you must be cleared through Canadian Customs. You do not require a passport if you are a U.S. citizen, but you may need to verify your U.S. citizenship (i.e. your driver's license, birth certificate or passport). Citizens of other countries must have a valid passport with them and may also require visitor visas. Those under the age of 18 and not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian need a letter of permission from their parent/guardian. If you have a felony or misdemeanour conviction, you are only allowed into Canada by applying to a Canadian Consulate in the U.S. for a Minister's Permit. You should apply at least eight weeks prior to your visit. Contact: Citizen and Immigration (807) 274-3815.

Goods You May Bring into Canada

  • a reasonable amount of personal effects, supply of food and a full tank of gas (enough for your personal use during your stay in Canada)
  • private vehicles, pleasure boats and recreational vehicles
  • gifts for a friend or relative in Canada duty free as long as the value of the gift does not exceed $60 Cdn. This does not include tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or advertising material. Gifts valued at more than $60 Cdn are subject to duty.
  • up to 40 oz of liquor or 1.5 litres of wine or 24x12 oz bottles/cans of beer* &
  • up to 1 carton of cigarettes and 50 cigars and 1 can of tobacco and 200 tobacco sticks*
* NOTE: You must be at least 19 years of age to import these goods into Ontario. Any additional alcoholic beverages or tobacco products other than that listed above are subject to duty. Contact: Customs Border Services 1-800-461-9999 or (807) 274-3655 or

Goods Not Allowed into Canada

  • live minnows, leeches
  • most firearms/weapons (except for hunting)
  • stun guns, mace or any other spray to be used against humans

Dogs and cats entering Canada from the U.S. will need a valid rabies vaccination certificate issued during the preceding 36 months. Visitors from countries other than the U.S. who wish to bring a pet into Canada should contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at (905) 612-6285.

Returning to the U.S.
U .S. residents returning home after 48 hours in Canada can take back $400 U.S. worth of merchandise duty free every 30 days. Family members may combine their $400 exemptions. If your visit was less than 48 hours, or if the $400 allowance or part of it has been used within the previous 30 days, an exemption of $200 U.S. is allowed. Visit the U.S. Customs Service at www.cus- Residents from other countries should contact their country's custom service as to their allowable duty-free limits.

Goods & Services Tax (GS1) Refund Visitors to Canada may be eligiblefor a rebate on the GST if:

  • your expenses on purchases and accommodation during your visit total at least $200 Cdn before taxes

Goods Qualify for a Rebate If:

  • GST was paid on the merchandise .each receipt totals at least $50 Cdn before taxes
  • goods are removed from Canada within 60 days of purchasing
  • meet other rebate program requirements

There are two ways to make a claim and receive your rebate:

  1. Stop at a Canadian Duty Free Shop for an immediate refund (up to $500 Cdn per day) or
  2. Mail in a Visitor Rebate Form to Revenue Canada Visitor Rebate Program, Tax Centre, P.E.I., Canada ClN 6C6
Important: You must include the original bills of sale with your application. Accommodation receipts must show the number of nights of accommodation.

Contact: Revenue Canada at 1-800-668-4748 (within Canada) or 1-902-432-5608 (outside Canada) or go to

Retail Sales Tax Refund
Visitors to Ontario are eligible to reclaim the Provincial 8% Retail Sales Tax (RST) paid on goods permanently removed from Ontario within 30 days of the purchase date. To qualify, RST paid on each purchase must total at least $50.00 Cdn before taxes. Please note the refund is not available on RST paid on accommodation or taxable services. Contact: Ont. Ministry of Finance at (905) 432-3332.

Crown Land Camping
Non-residents of Canada 18 years or older must have a permit to camp on crown (government) land in Northern Ontario. You can get the permit from most angling license issuers or any Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) office.

Firearms and Ammunition
You may bring a hunting rifle or shotgun into Ontario for hunting or competition purposes if you are 18 years of age or older, plus 200 rounds of ammunition for hunting or 1,500 rounds for use at a recog- nized shooting competition. All fully automatic weapons are prohibited as are any firearms less than 26 inches in length or with a barrel less than 18 inches including handguns. Contact: 1-800-731-4000 or (705) 329-7662 or visit the Canadian Firearms Centre at

Fishing & Hunting Licenses
Non-resident fishing licenses may be obtained from an authorized license issuer (i.e. a resort, lodge or baitltackle shop) or directly from a MNR Office. Non-residents under the age of 18 may fish without a license if accompanied by a licensed adult. Any fish caught will legally be part of the catch and possession limit of the licensed adult. Please ensure that you follow all catch and possession limits allowed under the type of license you purchase. To obtain a copy of the Regulations, contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800- 667-1940 or (807) 274-533 (Fort Frances), (807) 468-2501 (Kenora) or (807) 223-3341 (Dryden). Regulations can be downloaded at

To obtain a hunting license in Ontario, non-residents must have one of the following: An Ontario non-resident hunting license; A hunting license issued to you by a competent authority in any jurisdiction as a resident of that jurisdiction; An Ontario Hunting License Verification certificate; An Ontario Hunting License Examination Certificate; or a certificate issued to you by a competent authority in any jurisdiction giving you permission to buy a hunting license in that jurisdiction. Please note that hunting licenses are not transferable to other individuals.

Boating Requirements
There were some significant changes to boating regulations in Canada and Ontario in 1999. All visitors are bringing their own boat into Canada should be aware of these changes. Contact: Boating Safety Infoline 1-800.267.6687 or

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